Alien Menace
AVL ★ fashion accessories handmade from salvaged inner tubes


Once upon a time, Frankie Myers was getting a tire repaired and noticed a pile of unhappy innertubes.
"What happens to those innertubes?" she inquired of the friendly tire repair man.
"Landfill" he replied.
Then and there, Alien Menace was born.
Instead of remaining a pile of unhappy innertubes with a decidely gloomy future at the landfill, Frankie took them home and told them there were better days ahead. Through trial and error, mostly error at first, she created methods for transforming the lives of innertubes into meaningful and proud members of the fashion community.
Since then, thousands of grateful innertubes have been rescued from tragic after-lives, and repurposed, upcycled you might say, into fashion accessories of all kinds. Purses were the first items to come to the rescure of the forlorn innertubes. Earrings, bracelets, wallets and most recently notebooks followed.
Alien Menace can be found at Asheville's Grove Arcade outdoor artists market on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday there is an Alien Menace at the Ooh La La Curiosity Market in Prichard Park, downtown Asheville.

Alien Mance Logo by Hornaday Design. Thanks Will!