Alien Menace
AVL ★ fashion accessories handmade from salvaged inner tubes


Okay First off...

Everything starts at the Tire Store.
That's Walker Tire, in the Emma section of Asheville because these guys have no problem with an Alien Menace roaming around and dragging stuff away that they don't want.

Tire stores have to deal with a lot of inner tubes, and most of them are bound for the landfill. That's not going to happen at Walker Tires! Radio (pictured above and yes that's his real name), helps out. Got to hand it to him for tolerating the Menace that shows up!

 This business of collecting inner tubes is dirty work, folks! You get some serious grime going. For a Menace on a mission, it's what you do.

Okay Kiddie Pool!

The inner tubes get cut in half first.
Then the kiddie pool gets filled with water and the amazing Five Star PBW is mixed in a bucket of hot water.
Five Star PBW is an alkaline and user friendly enviromental cleaner. In case you're a cleaning dork and need an industrial strength product that's not going to kill things along the way, Five Star PBW is your jam. All this gets mixed into the kiddie pool with the inner tubes and stirred up. The inner tubes are then sweetly told good night. They'll be woken up the next day, removed from their bath and carted away for another fun day.

Okay, Let's Make This!

When the inner tube is dried and moved back into the shop, we put some music on! Dance break!
Then it gets cut up, depending on what's getting made. In this case an excellent purse with a zipper.
The inner tube, now well on it's way to becoming fashionably re-purposed, is cleaned once again after getting cut into shape. The final cleaning process is done with a mix of water, borax, Doctor Bronner's and vinegar.
Then what's needed to make your item is picked out.

Okay let's sew!

If you want to sew something as hard core as an inner tube, you'd better have a hard core machine! We got that covered!
For this bag, the zipper is sewn, then the two halves, washed and neatly cut, are sewn to the zipper.
Because we're dealing with an inner tube here, no needles can be used, so the bag is clamped together.  and the final stiches put it all together!

Okay Strap!

Since this is a purse, a strap comes next.. It's made from a re-purposed bike inner tube.
First, the inner tube is washed and told a love story about two renegade aliens on a meteorite.
Then, the strap is sewn and some fasteners are punched and rivoted. That's right ladies, hammers are involved!
Sew up the hardware, put the magic switcheroo move on those straps and there's your purse!

Okay Okay!

It's the mission of Alien Menace to re-purpose as many inner tubes as possible. The more people use them, the more inner tubes get to live new and meaningful lives.